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In 1974, Mr. Illman’s study of prehistoric reptiles began, and quickly grew into a passion for crocodilians that fuels his conservation and education efforts of today. He was, in 2003, recruited by the City of Kelowna to be a member of the committee responsible for rewriting its Exotic Animal Bylaw. He has since, become recognized as Canada’s foremost crocodilian expert and is often contacted to rescue crocodilians, tortoises and wild cats, as well as to consult on related issues.

Mr. Illman is the senior crocodilian handler for the business, and provides the bulk of Croc “Talks’. He trains volunteers, conducts media interviews, produces all creative designs and renderings and, in general, is the visionary for the business.

Ms. Bruce’s business background includes sales, event planning, public relations, bookkeeping, record keeping, project coordination and scheduling. She is also a professional Sign Language interpreter and an experienced post-secondary instructor. She currently handles all administrative responsibilities for CrocTalk, works with the crocodilians and African wild cats and when necessary, conducts Croc “Talks” for the public. Ms. Bruce is in her second year of studies, majoring in business management, at the Okanagan School of Business, Okanagan College.

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